Circus I: Reflective Satire > ONLY GOOD VIBES
Terça-feira, 24 Abril 2018, 13:00

Stefano Scalella was born in 1992 in Ascoli Piceno in Italy. During his university studies he discovered his passion for graphics and video art, so much so as to give life to an artistic and cultural project: Only Good Vibes.Only Good Vibes is a container of impressions, emotions and reactions to the stimuli, often negative, of the contemporary world. The images it contains are a criticism of negativity through a provocative language and an indisputably decisive and direct style. In fact, the artistic research of Stefano Scalella develops on the minimalist-satirical axis, which is expressed in the pure lines and bright colors of his creations. The incisiveness of the images is based on their neatness that facilitates communication with the user, stimulating reflection with immediacy.


"Circus I" is an invitation to reflect on some critical aspects of the current social condition, perceived as extremely confusing, just a constantly evolving human circus. The ten illustrations of the series "Circus I" are the means of this intellectual incitement to which the artist subjects the user. They aren't in fact images to be considered from an aesthetic-contemplative point of view but to be read as a real political-social satire. The "Circus I" series is included in the Only Good Vibes container, which serves as a positive memento, encouraging a rational view of the collective chaos.


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