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// 18 May  2019
21:30 - 23:30

Can a society be sick, such as the individual? Our rational mind seeks safety in the definition of “states” and promotes techniques that control situations of risk, but the cause of organic or mental imbalances has always been associated from antiquity to a disharmony or a disproportion between the soul and body pair (sum and psyche). In this session of Prometheus we will reflect and discuss the health / disease relationship and see how this is approached by the various practitioners of conventional medicine and so-called alternative medicines. Points of reflection and debate: Health – Natural state Illness – Symptoms of malaise and imbalance Therapies – Healing (restoring body / soul balance) Healthy mind, healthy body. Conventional and Alternative medicines for what purpose and what they serve.

(Luís Resina)



Luis Resina / Sandra Simões / Henrique Caetano / Pedro Albuquerque / Bruno Tereno Valente

Moderator: José Carlos Calazans

Photography: Tânia Simões


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// Galeria (1st Floor) // Free Entrance