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// 28 Jul  2019
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17:00 - 18:00

Cosmopolis is no longer a piece on the city. The great metropolis is a fundamental character in Cosmopolis’ EP, that marks the solo debut of the singer Izza. Unlike other works that deal with the theme, the fundamental one in Cosmopolis, is the delicacy with which the singer and composer expresses such experiences of the chaotic flow, the urgencies and urban excesses. The sonority of Izza is complex and smooth, it brings a mix of senses, producing a reflection on what the city represents to us. Lúcia Porto defines for the blog Crush Hifi, “Cosmópolis is a melodic album, punctuated by good guitars, good lyrics with melancholic themes. It’s not just MPB, it’s pop on an ambiance atmosphere. It’s contemplative; it exhibits daring gowns for viola’s, accordion’s and piano’s arrangements “. If Izza flutters in Cosmopolis between poetry and chaos, the arrangements of the record blend contemporary influences with the delicacies experienced thought the artist’s aesthetics. The arrangements are the result from the composer’s encounter with musicians Matheus Lucena (guitar) and Gilmar Iria (accordion and viola), who’s contributions align with the singer to sign the musical direction of the work.



Galeria // 1º Floor
Price: 10 €