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// 11 Feb  2019
 / 03 Mar  2019
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This report is the result of a trip where there was neither the slightest negative experience nor an unpleasant moment. During a month of travelling I only had unforgettable and enriching encounters, experiences and moments. I stayed in private houses and the only time I went to a hotel was to meet with the French Communist party delegation that had invited me before coming to Cuba to participate in the celebration of May first at the Plaza de la Revolución de la Habana presided that year by the other Raul (Castro) . I always traveled by public bus that were quite comfortable and of an exemplary punctuality. Once I took a plane because I delayed in Santiago and had to return to Havana for May 1st. I always had total freedom to photograph and a generous and fraternal welcome. The exhibition is just a small sample of the work I did. I can tell a story of each photo exposed. My only regret is that I was not able to return, as I had promised…