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// 13 May  2019
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16:00 - 17:30

What are the successful factors of a common enterprise and the successful factors of THE HUMAN LIFE, the biggest of all the enterpriseswhose management is not delegable and that depends on us to make it a successful venture or leave it by chance, on the taste of the circumstancesoscillating between the mediocrity and the many situations that threat us, capable of making it fail? What are the essential values to today’s professional? And to the administrator of one’s own life?
Logosophy offers to the human being the possibility of undertaking a process of conscious evolution through which he has the prerogative of knowing himself, his own inner world with its vast resources: the mental, sensible and instinctive systems which constantly compete for his inner energies. The knowledge of the reality of the thoughts and its influence on life gives him the possibility of individualizing, classifying and selecting them, learning, this way, how to domain them, instead of leaving life under their control.

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// Audithorium (1st floor)