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// 11 Feb  2019
 / 03 Mar  2019
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11:00 - 12:00

“Love waves” has a double meaning. ” Love Waves” are surface seismic waves that cause horizontal shifting of the earth during earthquakes, similar to those we watch on the surface of a lake when we drop a stone, formed from the point of impact. They get their name from the British mathematician Augustus Edward Hough Love, who in 1911 created a model for their representation, in the broader scope of elasticity theory. These powerful seismic waves, with their destructive and yet creational powe are here connected to the energetic reactions we associate with love, and for this purpose the designation “Love Wave” is perfect.

There is an energy that connects everything and all actions we set in motion will find an echo in someone or something. Emotions, good and bad, spread like fire. When faced with great tragedies we experience sadness, and in the face of joy we feel empathically happy. When this energy is increased (some will say powered) by the closeness, physical or spiritual, of other people in our lives, we call it love (romantic, fraternal, maternal… ). When this energy is catalyzed by everything around us, surely we can call it “universal love”, which is the admirable quality of loving all and everything without expecting anything in return. Those of us who have been exposed to parts of this energy have not remained insensible, and thus begin walking a path of search, sharing, self-awareness, looking for a dimension often forgotten from our modern, technological, uneventful, painful or comfortable lives, so isolated from this communication with the “other”, with all others, with the universe.

Aesthetically, the fascination of the symbolic, magical, mystical representations, from the flame-crowned sacred heart to the Irish Claddagh or the winged sufi heart, is present in these pieces, through multiple filters and reinventions, through the creation of new symbols, new hieroglyphs, influenced by Joseph Cornell’s surrealist boxes. These are timeless symbolic pieces, collections of unexpected objects, old and new, remains, tools, jewelry, shards of glass, pieces of wood, assembled with an intent and idea that becomes embedded in the piece, which will henceforth serve as a vehicle for this idea, this story. These “intentions” are in fact thoughts, quotes, ideas from many thinkers, philosophers, men and women from all nationalities, times and faiths, who made their own “Love Wave”, and so these pieces are also an invitation to (re) discover universal ideals that travel untouched through time, regardless of fashion or trends.

Pedro Alves da Veiga is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher. He holds a degree in Computer Science, a post-graduation in Advanced Studies of Digital Media Art and a PhD in Digital Media Art. He is a member of CIAC – Research Centre in Arts and Communication – after two decades of corporate business ownership and several web design prizes. He is currently conducting research in multimedia generative systems and also on the impacts of experience, attention and ubiquity economies in art ecosystems, as well as developing artistic projects in assemblage, generative art, interactive and audio-visual installations. He has taken part in several group and individual art exhibitions and projects in Portugal, China and the USA. More information at https://pedroveiga.com