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// 28 Sep  2019
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17:00 - 19:00

On September 28th, at 5 pm, Ler Devagar welcomes the release of a book by João Fernandes and published by Emporium Editora — “Quando o nevoeiro passar”. This is the author’s second novel and will be presented by Maria José Vitorino, teacher and librarian.

The novel deals with the reflections of a young man in his twenties, when sitting in old Almads, looking at the Tagus river and trying to see Lisbon under a dense fog. In the context of the worst years of the economic crisis, at the beginning of this decade, the young man wonders about his expectations, experiences and about the limited possibilities for personal fulfillment, while projecting elsewhere his ideal life and the fulfillment of his destiny. It is when he remembers how, elsewhere in the globe, he lived an episode that was a kind of a revelation, after which nothing was what it once was.


// Audithorium (1st floor)