This is the second version of the Perpetual Diary.
It has twelve pages, one for each month of a complete year. In each page there is a space to identify the month and the year, and 31 numbered lines, one for each day. This means you can start the diary whenever you prefer.

The folders and the inside pages were printed in 4 different colour papers: orange, yellow, grey and white. In each notebook the inside colour is always different from the cover colour, originating 12 different models. There are 215 diaries of each model.

Printed in letterpress, in Lisbon, Portugal, in October 2011.
Dimensions: 15,5cm x 21 cm (6 ¼ x 8 in)
Paper: popset 240g/m2
Limited edition: 2580 copies (215 pcs x 12 models)