Teatro —
06 Dez. | 20h00
08 Dez, | 16h00

Three one-act plays by high masters of the human condition…
Harold Pinter’s politically charged edge-of-the-seat ONE FOR THE ROAD
Tennessee Williams’ requiem for the pulse of the beat generation, TALK TO ME LIKE THE RAIN AND I WILL LISTEN, and
Tennessee Williams’ reflections on the hope that drives a writer as he muses on mortality, MR. PARADISE

This sumptuous three-course banquet is preceded by a delicious 10-minute aperitif…
Samuel Beckett’s CASCANDO
Starting with gestures, signs and silences and gestures, passing through Pinter’s pregnant and troubling pauses, the evening journey takes you on to the frail Tennessee, at the end of his life, where words still bloom with grace, a tribute to and a defiance of the mortality of their human creator.
Run-times: Pinter 50 mins, Williams 30mins +30mins, Beckett 15 mins.